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Gibout Toys | 4-Pack of Plush Play Blocks

American-made toys are sometimes hard to find, but tonight’s Gift Guide Giveaway features plush play blocks that the kiddo’s in your life are sure to love!

Gibout Toys started a year ago with a vision to produce toys that will fuel the imagination, and have lasting appeal that grows with your child. With a new baby in tow, Cheri Citrowske was struggling to find unique products to fill her nursery. She was looking for something fun to stack in the corner. Specifically, a larger, softer version of classic wooden building blocks. When her search proved fruitless she decided to make the blocks herself. “What started as nursery décor turned into my daughter’s favorite toy – eight years later, they are still the most popular toys at our house.

They are fun for any age. Whether you have a child that’s just learning to walk and looking for something soft to pull up on, or an active four-year-old who is constantly tearing apart the couch cushions to build forts. They are a one-size-fits-all toy that grows with your child. The hardest part is deciding which pattern to get. We are proud to say that all of our plush blocks are assembled locally, in the United States. Mix, match and make!

Keeping our block production local is important to us because we like to support the local community whenever we can. We work very closely with our suppliers to ensure fair labor practices and adequate wages are being implemented. This is much easier to do when you can literally drive to the location where they are being made.

We are also advocates for protecting our environment. By keeping production local we avoid having to import and ship our blocks across the U.S., only to turn around and ship them all over the country to our customers. We are very conscious of our potential impact on the environment. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our footprint. Whenever possible, we recycle any access materials that go into the manufacturing of our products.

Our deluxe version of a classic stacking toy features some of finest and softest, minky fabric you can find. At 11.5″ each, they stack up as one of the largest plush blocks your children will get their little hands on. Whether you are looking for a unique addition to your nursery decor, or something your child will love to play with for years to come, these blocks have it all!

Be sure to check out the Gibout Toys Website (not all toys sold by Gibout Toys are made in the USA, but several are. ALL toys sold by Gibout Toys are environmentally friendly and responsibly produced.) You can also connect with Gibout Toys on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Enter to Win a 4-Pack of these Plush Play Blocks by leaving a comment on this post. A winner will be randomly selected on December 1st and contacted via email. What was your favorite, classic American toy as a child?

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31 Responses to Christmas Gift Guide Giveaway | Gibout Toys

  1. Kelsey says:

    Would be great for my sweet nephew!

  2. Karen says:

    My favorite classic all American toy was my Etch-a-Sketch! I loved it because I could go anywhere in the house with it and “draw” to my hearts content!

  3. Ann Snarr says:

    Would love to win ! Favorite classic all American toy was fisher price weeble wobble pop up tree house.

  4. Peter says:

    My niece will love these

  5. rachel says:

    These are amazing!

  6. Mary Beth Hunt says:

    how wonderful! A toy that doesn’t require instructions, tools or a battery!

  7. Barbara Fincher says:

    Levi needs these!

  8. kathleen says:

    My favorite toy was a stuffed doggie by the name of “Snoops” – I loved him so! I’d love to win these adorable boxes for my nephew!

  9. Patricia says:

    I had a stuffed white poodle wearing a beret. It had a wooden ball on top, like a pom pom on the beret. You turned the ball to wind it up and it played music.
    These blocks look like a lot of fun.

  10. barbara n says:

    I remember playing with a Fisher-Price Chatter Phone

  11. Sara says:

    My blanket my grandma made me.

  12. Teresa Vanselow says:

    I didn’t play with toys much, we had the great outdoors to play in, but I guess it would be a Barbie.

  13. Nanci says:

    I loved my Mrs. Beasley doll. She went everyday to first grade with me. The teacher let me use
    one of the reading circle chairs to sit her in next to my desk. Many of the girls brought their dolls
    with them. What a wonderful time in the world. Hardly ever see a little girl with her doll anymore. Holding on to a video game or cell phone is the sad trend now. Oh-the good old days!
    Merry Christmas
    Nanci Oh-I still have my beloved doll–sometime a hug from her makes my day!

  14. Those blocks are great. Large enough to really make something and sof enough for no booboos.

  15. Lindsey says:

    These blocks are so cute and would be awesome to win for my baby’s first Christmas! My favorite American toy as a child would probably be a stuffed animal my mom made for me ; )

  16. Shawn Johnson says:

    Hi, my favorite toy would have to be barbie, my sister and I had tons of clothes, the camper, the car, and a dollhouse we played with them for hours. :)
    My two year old grandaughter would love these and I love them because they are American made. Great gift giveaway!!!
    Thank you.
    smjohns63 {at} yahoo {dot} com

  17. eliza bivins fink says:

    My favorite toy as a kid was probably the refrigerator box! I also LOVED Lincoln Logs and Barbie…

  18. These would be a wonderful gift for our girls. Would be a neat treat under the tree too. When I was a wee one many many years ago – my favorite toy was playdough. My mom made it, just like I do for my girls. It can become anything with your imagination. Wishing you all memories of laughter and joy.

  19. Kristin@Hand-Me-DownTalents says:

    LOVE the blocks and that there’s such great attention and care to the environment & American-made behind them. My favorite toys growing up (and still to this day) would be Legos & fashion plates. Luckily, my boys (like most boys these days) also like Legos…and while the sets are very cool, I just wish there were more just regular old boxes of them to let the imagination run wild–much like these featured blocks!

  20. Sue Staum says:

    My grandson, Max, would LOVE these blocks! My favorite classic toy was my Radio Flyer sled. The hills of Duluth made for wonderful sliding!

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  22. Keri says:

    Fantastic! I’ve been searching for a gift for our three nieces–age 1, 3 & 8. While all are in different stages of life, these blocks would rock their world and meet my gift giving criteria: a gift that allows free play, is made in the US with sustainable practices and is not battery dependent. Soft for baby, uber stimulating for growing toddler and fun, silly, tactile play for child with special needs. Perfect! ps. MY favorite childhood toy….those little spiky stick-together-building-toys. Lego building idea but sticking together with their plastic ‘teeth’ was so much more fun! What are they called……?

  23. Amanda says:

    I loved to create stories as a child, so the felt storyboard colorforms were my favorite toys. These blocks would be perfect for my toddler. He’s at that perfect curious age.

  24. Melissa Frances says:

    Tinker toys…

    love those blocks…such fun!

    thanks for an opportunity to win.

  25. Kim Marie says:

    My favorite thing to play with was my matchbox cars & trucks. thanks for the chance to enter!!!
    Merry Christmas!!!

  26. Linda Owens says:

    My favorite toy was a stuffed dog that my uncle gave me for Christmas when I was about 2 or 3 years old. It was made locally by a lady who made stuffed animals and dolls only at Christmas time. In fact, I still have that little dog. This is a wonderful giveaway.

  27. Heather says:

    Besides Barbies, I loved my purple Huffy with the banana seat and big wide U shaped handle bars. Love to get to the top of the hill, put my feet up on the handle bars and fly down the hill. I would probably freak out if my boys did that now! lol

  28. Jordan Brown says:

    You know, you can never go wrong with a good ol’ spinning top! That was my favorite toy! I would love to give these plush blocks as a gift to my friend’s son! I know they would LOVE them!

  29. Kathy says:

    These are so fun! Please enter my name, thank you. Hmmmm, favorite toy for my Son 24 years ago was his pedal John Deere tractor, a special gift from his Grandpa.

  30. Michelle says:

    My favorite was a snoopy snow cone maker. The day I found it sitting in an antique store years later, I knew it was all over. Yay old!

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