Shirt and Image by Taylor Stitch

Casual Color for Winter

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Shirt and Image by Taylor Stitch

Who says winter has to be drab, or neutrals for that matter. Every winter I look forward to wearing less color in more interesting ways. For me, it’s not only hazardous to everyone’s health to go fully neutral until spring—no one wants to endure Seasonal Affective Disorder—it’s also unnecessary. Winter is a time to wear darker colors but to accent them with lively splashes. This winter find your color inspiration in these American-made clothing and accessory brands. I guarantee they’ll cheer up your wardrobe.

Apolis Indigo Wool Chore Jacket
$298.00, Made in California

 This Wool Chore Jacket by Apolis adds a little Bill Cunningham chic to your winter wardrobe.

Taylor Stitch Navy & White California
$125.00, Made in San Francisco, CA

This Navy & White striped shirt by Taylor Stitch adds a vintage-inspired element to your winter wardrobe. Utilitarian & sophisticated, this shirt can go from the office to the woodshed this holiday season.

Indigo Twill & 1950s Block Check Necktie by General Knot & Co.
$88.00, Handmade in New England

Andrew Payne at General Knot & Co. handmakes and designs ties in New England from vintage textiles, blending new and old, bright and neutral. This tie blends indigo twill with a pop of 1950s plaid for a bold statement.

Grade Ring by Perry Rhodes
$60.00, Handmade Solid Cast Bronze in L.A.

 Perry Rhodes designs hand-sculpted rings in Los Angeles and this solid bronze piece combines classic metals with a modern flair.

Winston Khaki by Earnest Sewn Co.
$178.00, Made in the USA.

The Winston Khaki by The Earnest Sewn Co. is a classic chino cut slimmer for the modern man. Pair these with anything casual or semi-formal this winter for a trim and chic look.

Custom-Soled Shoes by Greenwich Vintage Co.
$225-$275, Handmade in MN.

Tamas “Zen” Pomazi is the Master Cobbler behind Greenwich Vintage Co. Devoted to making the freshest kicks for grown men, Zen designs custom-colored soles for vintage footwear. Shoes are available for purchase pre-designed or are customizable. Have an old pair of wingtips that need fresh new soles? Why not have Greenwich Vintage turn them into a one-of-a-kind piece of street art. Available in multiple styles and colors.

12th Man by The Old Try
$40.00, Hand pressed in Somerville, MA.

Ex-Pats of The South, the gang at The Old Try show their Southern roots by designing traditional letterpress products with a modern aesthetic. This print called 12th Man immortalizes the legendary 12th Man E. King Gill of Texas A&M who stood on the sideline in January of 1922 in waiting to lead his team to victory against Centre College. Gill was never put in the game, and A&M won anyway, but this print shows that just a little bit of light in the face of darkness can bring happiness and success.


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  1. Tiffany | Offbeat & Inspired says:

    What an amazing round-up of American labels! Loved this post! I’ll be bookmarking these brands and definitely doing some holiday shopping for hubs! :)

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